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At Cliff's we strive to give you customer focused service. We offer a full range of services covering products we sell and even ones we don't.


At Ciff's we can fix your mower problems from blade sharpening with our new sharpening machine, deck leveling, repairing mower decks, oil changes, warranty service, belt changes, tire changing, starting problems, steering problems.


We offer Amerigas propane. We can fill your propane needs.

Also have Exchange Tanks at both locations.


We can switch your generators, push mowers, riding mowers, and your water pumps to run on propane gas.

Belarus Tractor

My distributor is in Wisconson, he is one of the orignal dealers for Belarus parts and Russian tires that from my experience runs two-one to conventional tires.


   I have worked on Belarus tractors for twenty-five years. Warrenty and repairs at the begining and now at my shop doing service repairs and etc.

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